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By purchasing Oxfam fair you are supporting Fairtrade and ensuring that farmers receive fair wages and conditions, plus you are contributing to Oxfam's work to end poverty.
Oxfam fair is Fairtrade and where possible Organic too. Oxfam fair is available in Oxfam shops, Oxfam online and select independent supermarkets.

To make it easier than ever before to try the Oxfam fair range we’re currently offering:

Pop into any Woolworths supermarket for specials on our 250g packs of Oxfam fair World and Africa blend coffees (17-30 September) or refreshing Green tea bags (24 September – 7 October), or visit Coles for specials on 250g packs of Oxfam fair World and Africa blend coffee (1– 14 October).

*does not provide any actual sleep benefits

As transparency is a key element of Fair Trade a full list of suppliers by ingredient for our fair range can be found here.



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