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Oxfam fair Organic Dark Chocolate, 100g

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Runner Up in the Sydney Morning Herald good food Top Chocolates panel.'...smooth in the mouth and released strong roasted aromas plus fruit notes of sour berries, mandarin and sweet flora and again, a nice, sharp finish...'

Ingredients: Total Fair Trade ingredients: 99.5% (from Peru, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic), Cane sugar (from Paraguay), Cocoa powder (from Peru, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic) and GM-free Soy lecithin (from Brasil and India)

All Oxfam Shop chocolate products are held in refrigeration before being wrapped in foil-laminated bubble film to offer insulation and protection.


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Oxfam fair

Country: Australia

What is Oxfam fair? - The brand may be new, but the company and movement behind it is not. Oxfam Australia, through its affiliation with Oxfam International was one of the global Fair Trade pioneers and it continues to remain a core focus of the organisation many years later. Oxfam fair was created as a way to bring premium, quality Fair Trade products to as many consumers as possible so they could help make a difference to growers, communities and the wider work that Oxfam Australia carries ...

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