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Oxfam fair Dark Chocolate Spread, 400g

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Choosing fair chocolate spreads for your toast, or to use in cooking doesn't only mean that you enjoy the benefits of a smooth and sweet chocolate that is easy to spread, it's also the best way of ensuring that producers and communities in countries like the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Paraguay and India are receiving a fair deal through improved market access and a stable and regular income. Ingredients: Cane Sugar (from Cooperativa Carera De San Ramon RL Costa Rica), Canola Oil (from Malaysia, Europe), Low fat cocoa powder (from Ivory Coast current at December 2013, Palm oil (from Serendipalm, Ghana), Soy Lecithin (from Brazil), Cocoa butter and Cocoa Aroma (from France).

Oxfam's range of fair products are certified under the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO), which acknowledges Oxfam and their trading partners as having met International fair trade standards. This ensures producers are paid a fair and stable price for their products, eliminating many of the injustices of conventional trade.


Ingredients : Sugar (49%), vegetable fat, cocoa powder (17%), cocoa butter, natural cocoa aroma, palm oil and emulsifier: soy lecithin.

The palm oil used in these spreads has been sourced sustainably from Serendipalm Company Ltd, a producer of crude palm oil in Ghana.  Serendiplam are certified under the IMO Fair for Life certification. 


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Oxfam fair

Country: Australia

What is Oxfam fair? - The brand may be new, but the company and movement behind it is not. Oxfam Australia, through its affiliation with Oxfam International was one of the global Fair Trade pioneers and it continues to remain a core focus of the organisation many years later. Oxfam fair was created as a way to bring premium, quality Fair Trade products to as many consumers as possible so they could help make a difference to growers, communities and the wider work that Oxfam Australia carries ...

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