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Oxfam fair Dark Chocolate Spread, 400g

Choosing fair chocolate spreads for your toast, or to use in cooking doesn't only mean that you enjoy the benefits of a smooth and sweet chocolate that is easy to spread, it's also the best way of ensuring that producers and communities in countries like the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Paraguay and India are receiving a fair deal through improved market access and a stable and regular income. Ingredients: Cane Sugar (from Cooperativa Carera De San Ramon RL Costa Rica), Canola Oil (from Malaysia, Europe), Low fat cocoa powder (from Ivory Coast current at December 2013 ( previously Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana), Palm oil (from Malaysia, Europe - currently being reviewed), Soy Lecithin (from Brazil), Cocoa butter (from Kuapa Kokoo, Ghana) and Cocoa Aroma (from France).

Oxfam's range of fair products are certified under the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO), which acknowledges Oxfam and their trading partners as having met International fair trade standards. This ensures producers are paid a fair and stable price for their products, eliminating many of the injustices of conventional trade. The vegetable oil used is palm oil. For more information on Oxfam’s use of palm oil please visit:

Ingredients : Sugar (49%), vegetable fat, cocoa powder (17%), cocoa butter, natural cocoa aroma and emulsifier: soy lecithin. The vegetable oil used is palm oil.


About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a global movement responding to the failures of conventional trade. Fair trade empowers disadvantaged communities by paying them fair and stable prices for their work, helping them develop skills to run a sustainable business and giving them access to world markets.

Oxfam Shop is an active and vocal participant in the movement and deals with over 100 fair trade producer partners around the world who support thousands in their communities, including Indigenous Australians. Find out more about our Producer Partners, their countries and communities.